Welcome to our first Full House podcast! (To view the transcript click here)

In this episode
-The Full House editors, Leia and Jack, introduce themselves and their magazine and highlight their favourite pieces from their first issue.
Highlights include Robin McNamara (06:18-8:21), Kristin Garth (08:37-11:00), Alyssa Jordan (11:27-12:34), David Wasserman (12:37-13:52) and Nikki Dudley (13:57-16:43). 

-Our editorial process and how we keep it fair (16:52-18:06)

-We take a look at Second Chance Lit’s first issue, Non Sum Qualis Eram, and highlight our favourite pieces.
Highlights include Natalie Marino (19:41-20:59), Bareerah Y Ghani (21:00-23:32), Yunya Yung (23:40-25:44) and DS Maolalai (25:53-28:54)

-Tweet of the week (29:06-35:27)

-Elements of writing: Narration (35:28-44:30)

-Plagiarism in the community (44:32-48:48)

-2 writing prompts (48:49-51:25)

-News blasts (51:26-53:15)
Blasts include:
1) Nikki Dudley is doing writing and prompt classes at the moment.
2) The Aurora Journal has just recruited some fantastic poetry, prose editors and staff contributors.
3) The Babel Tower Notice Board has just posted a few pieces as their first publications of 2021.
4) Submissions for Mixed Mag are now officially open for subs. This magazine is dedicated to promoting creators of colour and celebrating multi ethnic and multicultural voices.
  5)The Shore are officially open for submissions for their ninth issue.
6)MumWrite have an anthology out which  is available for you to purchase.
7) Lastly Wrongdoing magazine are also open for submissions!