Stones by Claire Speight

I am a Graphic Designer, letterpress artist, illustrator and member of the Ventnor Exchange Spoken Word Collective on the Isle of Wight. A year ago after the breakdown of a 14 year relationship and the mental anxiety that I realised I had been experiencing for over 30+ years, I decided to face some of my fears and went to the first collective meeting. I can’t spell, I was extremely scared of performance and hated english at school. Now a year on I am still writing and have my first performance as past of the Poets in Disguise show at this years Ventnor Fringe on the Isle of Wight. I write, I hope, from a place in my heart, with vulnerability about my experiences of life, trauma, anxiety and fragility of life. I love the sea, nature, and Fry’s Peppermint Creams (the blue one not the green).